Giving & Going

Giving to Support Summit Community Church
& Its Missions in Our Backyard & Beyond

Please continue your generous giving to the regular budget. Mission Motown projects - mission fields in our immediate community - are funded by your budget offerings and in some cased by designated giving.

Please use the dropdown menu to the right to select the fund, or general budget, for your gift. 

In addition to your regular giving we ask for your support - giving above and beyond - for Summit InterNational. Summit InterNational is our focus on missions around the world starting with Guatemala and Costa Rica in South America.

Partnering with Inca Link and Engadi Ministries, Summit InterNational allows us to go beyond our borders to support ongoing ministries in developing communities in Central America.

Every $1 makes a huge difference as we expand our Giving & Going to reach our Backyard and Beyond with the message of Christ's unconditional love for all mankind.